• I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years. Before our meeting with Sinem, it was attack time and I was experiencing severe pain and bleeding had started. At the same time, I was preparing for the university exam; If my disease continued with the same severity, I would have to be hospitalized and receive cortisone within about 3 weeks. I had been experiencing the same cycle for 4 years. My disease would have an attack every 6 months and I would have to receive cortisone. Thanks to Sinem, my bleeding stopped in a very short time and my health returned to normal, and she did this only by changing my diet and nutritional supplements. At first, I even had pain while eating yoghurt. Within a few months, I could eat anything. I have been so used to having abdominal pain for years that I found the absence of pain very strange at first. While my health was gradually improving, I also lost 11 kilos during my exam year, thanks to her, without any difficulty. She listens you during the diet process and helps you to meet your needs by making it the most suitable and healthier version of whatever you are craving at that moment. In a few months, eating healthy has become my normal. Meeting with Sinem was the turning point of my life. She is very understanding, approaches you with love, loves her job and is a very successful dietitian. I felt like I was in therapy every time we met and I was looking forward to our next meeting. Sinem, you have been the miracle of my year, thank you very much for everything, I am glad to have you.

    Merve A. Student
  • When I started gaining weight rapidly in the first months of my pregnancy, I started working with Sinem upon the advice of my friend. In the last 3 months, it helped me learn how to eat properly and prevent unnecessary weight gain. In the last 3 months of pregnancy, when the most weight was gained, I gained only 4 kg in total. I can say that she prepared a healthy nutrition program rather than a diet. Instead of classic diet recipes, she made weekly plans based on the foods I like and shared healthy/different recipes with me. She checked my meals every day and taught me how to compensate when I went off the list. She is a dietitian who understands the psychology of pregnancy, motivates me, follows me closely, is caring and whose knowledge I trust.

    When I started gaining weight rapidly in the first months of my pregnancy, I started working with Ms. Sinem upon the advice of my friend. In the last 3 months, it helped me learn how to eat properly and prevent unnecessary weight gain. In the last 3 months of pregnancy, when the most weight was gained, I gained only 4 kg in total. I can say that he prepared a healthy nutrition program rather than a diet. Instead of classic diet recipes, she made weekly plans based on the foods I like and shared healthy/different recipes with me. He checked my meals every day and taught me how to compensate when I went off the list. She is a dietitian who understands the psychology of pregnancy, motivates me, follows me closely, is caring and whose knowledge I trust.


    Busra U.
  • Sinem is a competent dietitian in her field. Crossing our paths and receiving this service from her has had an extraordinary impact on my management of this process. She has a broad view on creating alternative foods and menus rather than restriction and deprivation in the diet and healthy eating process. This removes the process from the diet logic and positively affects adaptation to daily life as accessibility increases. Her communication and interest, and most importantly her sincerity and smiling face, make everything worth it. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

    Aynur E. Psychologist
  • Hello, Last year, I realized that I have to get rid of the excess weight I have gained in the last 10 years. Thanks to Sinem, I lost 51 kilos in 7-8 months. Online Diet journey started with Ms. Sinem on October 1, 2019. Her answers and advice to every question via Whatsapp without getting bored are great. It provides support and motivation when you get stuck. I am 32 now, I wish I had known her before. She sent me a list every week of special favorites. Each meal put at least 2-3 different recipes. Thanks to her, I became a Hobby Chef and added brand new flavors to my life. We have a little way to go, hopefully we will overcome that thanks to Ms. Sinem. She is a dietician that I can recommend with peace of mind.

    İbrahim T. Engineer
  • As a result of the 3-month service I received from Ms. Sinem, both in terms of health and in order to live a quality life, I lost 12.2 kg and my waist was thinned by 15 cm. Thanks to this journey, I learned how to eat, how to read products while shopping, how to balance my nutrition and I made it a habit. I was very pleased that he conveyed the cause-effect relationship well, answered all my questions quickly and in the most accurate way, made me a part of the process by offering alternative plans, and kept my motivation high. Apart from losing weight, this process has been a very educational and fun process for me.

    Ovunc Y.
  • As someone who has worked with many dietitians throughout her life, I am sure that Ms. Sinem will be the last dietitian I work with. Considering the information pollution that exists when it comes to nutrition, Ms. Sinem is one of the best dietitians to work with. As I am a patient with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, I was impressed by her own research in this field and chose her and I made a very good decision. She taught me that healthy eating should be made sustainable and that dieting is possible without disturbing the flow of life. In these times when eating disorders is very common, we need more dietitians like her. You can choose Ms. Sinem with peace of mind.

    Zeynep İ.
  • From the very first meeting, you understand how competent Sinem is in her job. She listens to your lifestyle, wishes and expectations with great care and organizes your nutrition program accordingly. She gives different, easy to make and very satisfying lists every week, which makes it easier for you to follow the diet. She is very friendly and knows how to motivate you. Whenever you have a question outside the session, she always answers immediately. I lost a lot of weight with her in a very short time and by eating a lot in a short time and I continue to lose :) I recommend you to work with her with peace of mind.

    Ece D. Lawyer
  • I am so grateful to be working with Sinem as my dietician. She helps me in very step of my weight loss journey. I have been trying to lose weight on my own. Yes I would lose some weight but then put it back on again. With Sinem help, I learn how to eat healthy and still enjoy my meals. I don't suffer from hunger and binge eating. I  lose the weight in a steady and healthy manner. I lost 12kg and 8cm around my waist in total with Sinem's guidance. Again, thank you for your help.

    Thu K.
  • First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Sinem. I have been very pleased since the first day we met. Thanks to her, I reached my ideal weight in a short time and without any difficulty, and she was always smiling and psychologically supportive. I definitely recommend Ms. Sinem, thanks to her I learned how to eat healthy.

    PINAR C.
  • I didn't believe i can make it at the beginning, but together with Sinem, we succeeded, I lost more than 15 kilos. I didn't have any difficulties and it was a very nice change and experience. In this process, Sinem was constantly following and arranging my program, constantly motivating me. Thanks to her very much for everything, I couldn't do it alone.

    YOUSIF A. Student
  • I met Ms. Sinem on the recommendation of a friend, I'm glad I did. I lost 20 kilos thanks to her. She never bored me, she always motivated me, her smiling face was never missing. She supported me more like a friend than a doctor. She answered all my questions without getting bored. Ms. Sinem has made a great contribution to getting to know my body and myself. I learned to eat, I learned the feeling of hunger and fullness! Just a small note: if you do what she recommends, there is almost no chance of you failing, this is the humble advice of someone like me who can lose weight very hard. Love!

    Zeynep Y.
  • Some diets are built on adapting you to yourself and never go completely in harmony with your life. After a while you get bored and quit. However, with Ms. Sinem, the process was set up exactly the opposite. Its like i didn't go on a diet, the diet suited me and I took a step towards learning how to eat healthy without any difficulties in my life. Thank you very much to her.

    FERIDE A. Muhendis
  • Ms. Sinem never ignores the psychology that her client is in. She offers alternatives while arranging the content of the cooking program. She focuses on the necessity for physical and mental health rather than aesthetic concerns about weight loss. She doesn't turn weight loss into a race. She has a process that she carries out with programs that spread over time, are compatible with your life and supported by working out. I'm very happy with her.

  • While I was looking for a specialist who could prepare vegan diet lists with Ms. Sinem, I started working with my friend's recommendation and I was very satisfied. Keeping up with the constant monitoring and personal monitoring of your progress greatly facilitates dieting. She is very good at her job and not only gives support to her clients about weight, but also provides a lot of useful information about their eating habits and psychology of eating. Moreover, she is such a sympathetic and friendly person that I feel like I have officially gained a friend at the end of my diet process.

    Nice U.
  • I got help from Ms. Sinem for a two-month diet program. I lost the weight I wanted by getting better results than I expected from this process with carefully selected food suggestions, motivation and right guidance. I would like to thank her for his support and for being my dietitian whom I can always refer to from now on.

    Gulfer T.
  • I was 8 kilos overweight. I was not able to stand on my own. Then I met Sinem, she became a friend for me who made me lose this weight with beauty without forcing me. She always asked me what I wanted or didn't want while planning the diet every week, and she always respected my personal preferences. In our weekly meetings, we talked about everything that affects my diet in my daily life as much as we talked about diet. After a while I had to move to Germany, even here she continued to help me. After losing my weight, we successfully survived the follow-up program. I had the onset of polycystic ovaries, my hormone levels were also unbalanced. Thanks to you, I got rid of these problems. I really learned balance in nutrition with him. I will recommend her to everyone I know with my eyes closed.

    IDIL U.
  • I met with Sinem when I had to diet due to gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. Fortunately, I came across a dietitian like her, and more importantly a good person. I enjoyed it through a very difficult process. She helped me balance my blood sugar without the need for medication. I also gained ideal pregnancy weight in a very healthy way. Dieting with Sinem is a lot of fun with her wonderful communication, follow-up and motivation support. You should definitely meet her.

    Zeynep C. T.
  • Sinem is an expert who does her job very well and is very friendly, she took all my fears and motivated me. I lost 4 kilos in three weeks and will continue. The plan she prepared for me was meals that I could cook very easily, and she also gave me new recipes. I never had any difficulties because she was very interested and always had a solution-oriented approach. I definitely recommend her to everyone.

    ESRA K. Optisyen
  • We crossed paths with Ms. Sinem for 3-4 kg, which did not stubbornly go away after giving birth. I learned that my overweight that does not go away and accumulates around my belly is actually related to wrong eating due to emotional hunger. I learnt from her that how to deal with it, and most importantly, to eat healthy. Her smiling face, interest, understanding, always sharing in detail, answering all my questions sincerely, speaking in a way I can understand, her knowledge and self-development in every subject impressed me. I would definitely recommend her.

    OZGUL A.
  • Dear Sinem, I cannot thank you enough. First of all, I'm glad I got to know you, I'm glad I applied on a recommendation. Thanks to my cousin :) You added color to my life. Thanks to you, I've slimmed down three sizes and lost about 13 kilos. You were with me  all day long, when I had questions, even when I got sick, you were always there for me. I learned to eat healthy, eat regularly, everything again. God bless you a thousand times. I would definitely recommend you to everyone with my eyes closed, you beautiful hearted person. I've gained not just a Dietitian but a Friend. Good luck my dear, I wish you continued success. Love.

    SIBEL T. Kindergarden Teacher
  • You may have struggled to lose weight and tried to comply with diet lists many times. For this reason, you may already have an idea of what to do. At least it was for me. However, when I met Sinem, I realized that I was in this cycle because of what I did not know. Rather than reaching the target weight in the short term, I learn from Sinem how I should be fed in the normal course of life and under changing conditions. And as a result, I reached my ideal weight in a not bad time. In this process, Sinem's empathetic, motivating attitude and excellent advice made everything very easy. Sinem does her job very well, I recommend it to everyone!

    Gulin G.
  • Hello, I have PCOS. I didn't have a lot of weight, but my doctor told me that I had to drop below a certain weight and that nutrition was a very important thing in my life, and I started looking for a dietician. A close friend rof mine ecommended Sinem I wanted to try it for a month, initially because I was biased against online sessions, but even in a month I got along well with her and we achieved such a good success that there was no bias left. We were together for 4 months in total. I started my adventure at 68 kg and now I am 59 kg. By the way, those who use birth control pills know how much they increase appetite. Despite that, I lost all my weight without working out, only following the diet. At the same time, She took care of all my health problems by researching them one to one. Rwcommended in vitamin supplements. All my vitamin values ​​and insulin resistance level are now normal. I can say that I m in the healthiest period of my life, thanks to Sinem. She does everything perfectly. I love the way she works and finally, thanks Sinem very much for putting regular eating and healthy eating into my life.

    Ipek I.
  • Hello, I met Sinem on the advice of my friends, I had 7 kilos of excess that did not go away. I tried so hard to lose weight but failed. After a while, I stopped dieting and regained the weight I lost. I lost 5 kilos in 1 month by following the weekly diets that Sinem sent me. We had a meeting every week, so I learned to eat healthy, my motivation was very high, I can say that I had no difficulty in dieting for the first time. I thank her very much. I am glad to met you.

    Yüksel Ö. Hairdresser
  • I got to know Ms. Sinem through my cousin. I lost 10 kg as a result of a four month diet. She is very sincere and caring, thanks to her my motivation was very high. I never felt lonely in this process. She always followed my health problems with interest, recommended supplements. Thanks to Ms. Sinem, I learned about healthy eating and the mistakes I made in my diet before. She answered all my questions very professionally and informed. Also, I loved doing exercise thanks to her. I recommend Ms. Sinem to anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way. I am happy to know her as someone who has done a lot of diet and failed before (Banana Oat Lover, Sevil).

  • For a long time, I had weight that I could not lose, and no matter what I do, my belly does not go away :) My niece recommended Ms. Sinem. When I started working together, I loved it so much and was satisfied. She knows her job very well. She has prepared very nice and healthy lists for me. Now I have lost 6 kg in total. We worked very enjoyable and educational together. When I had difficulties, Ms. Sinem give incredible support. When I couldn't follow the list, she definitely suggested an alternative. Now I have learned very well what to eat, how to balance if I eat too much and how to eat healthy. I strongly recommend it, Mrs. Sinem. You will definitely be very pleased. Nothing is impossible, just trust yourself and Sinem.

    Nihal Y.
  • After having my third child and continually trying to lose weight with not much success. I decided to find a dietician to help me. Thankfully I found Sinem, she is fantastic. She doesn't just focus on weight loss, she also focuses on health. Which helps with keeping the weight off and feeling energised and happy. I highly recommend Sinem. Thank you for all your help and support. 

    Jodie M. Teacher
  • Sinem was a really great dietician. From the beginning until the end, she was always there to help me all the way through. I am happy I have finally found a plan that works for me and it is something I am able to carry on with on my own. I'm very happy with my results, but little sad my time with Sinem will come to an end.

  • I came to Istanbul for my health problems and met Ms. Sinem. Let me tell you this, the turning point of my life is getting to know her. It did not only give me healthy weight loss, I also almost became younger. She created a new "Hulya" from me. Take the road with Ms. Sinem and you will want it to never end. Be sure. :)

    Hulya A.
  • I started to work with Sinem on October 2019. During the first months with her I lost weight considerably in a healthy way. She also gave advice outside of the session and answered my questions during all sessions. She just not recommends what to it, also how to it, why you eat certain foods. She also give advice while doing sports. During this pandemic time, certain changes happen personally that affected my health. She did research regarding that and made me feel so much better without needing to use medicine, just with foods. She is very intelligent and passionate about her work. Definitely I recommend her.

  • I met Ms. Sinem thanks to the gym I went to. She is a disciplined dietitian who loves her profession, constantly calls her clients. These aspects have also been positive for those who do not like much discipline like me. Rather than boring diets, she directed her clients to a healthy diet, not for a short-term. So she changed my lifestyle to make weight loss permanent. She is so friendly, empathetic and focused on success. You get the chance to correct what you know wrong by working with her. 

    Atilla S.
  • I consulted dear Ms. Sinem because she helped me gain weight. I trusted her because she had academic and professional experience and observed that she could convey her knowledge in an understandable way. We set realistic goals that are optional, oriented to my lifestyle. We spent the 1-month period in which I was informed, motivated and cared about my health, and most importantly, I gained a general awareness about nutrition, then we reached our goal of 50 kg from 46 kg. I recommend her because she is an expert. I thank her very much for her support, smiling face, love for her profession, devotion and efforts :)

    Busra O. Sosyolog
  • Thanks to the diet that Sinem applied to me, I lost 20 kilos. I still continue to lose weight regularly. As someone who was convinced to diet for the first time in his life, I can't thank her enough. My favorite part of working with Sinem; Never giving up even though I am a very difficult client, motivating and supporting me by changing the diet contents when she realizes that I have difficulty. She always explains what she wants me to do and why, and explains the scientific side of the job. It is obvious that she loves her job. She pays close attention to her clients so I can get an answer to any question I ask. In this sense, she is a dietician that I can recommend with peace of mind.

    Emil C. Engineer
  • I met Ms. Sinem thanks to my wife. We could not get enough efficiency from our previous classic consultants. Since my wife was very pleased with Ms. Sinem, I wanted to start. Losing weight is a process where sustainability is very important. During this long time, you are faced with many psychological and physical difficulties and Ms. Sinem is with you whenever you need it! It does not only share a diet list, it gives you a conscious eating habit, helps you integrate sports into your life, and makes you question the underlying reasons of your harmful habits. Except for my wife and I, 3 of our friends have started on our recommendation and they are also satisfied. I currently recommend it to all around me, and I recommend you to choose Sinem with peace of mind.

    Ibrahim S. Engineer
  • Sinem is one of the rare people who loves her job and who are result-oriented. The support she gives is very valuable, especially in matters that force human willpower such as diet. One of the most important features Sinem added to me in the adventure of healthy eating was the necessity to always pay attention to details. In this process, it made me absolutely pay attention to the ingredients even in the most innocent dishes and capture the smallest details that could spoil the diet. With her discipline, I reached the desired weight in a short time in a healthy way. She helped to make the diet always accessible by offering at least 3 alternatives for each meal. I would also like to thank her for patiently answering my endless questions about food ingredients at meals.

    Atil O.
  • Hello, Sinem is primarily a perfect person with her colorful personality and energy. In her profession, I can say that she is the best among the dieticians I have met and consulted. Especially nowadays, most of the physicians are the only dietician who does not have the problems of reaching and communicating with their young clients due to generation differences. In addition to these, she is an equipped, determined and hardworking person who can train you and answer all your questions instead of only sending a list to you. I appreciate it and recommend it to everyone. It is impossible for you to be dissatisfied from her services.

    Alpcan A.
  • I met Ms. Sinem one year ago. Before she started working in the gym that I went had a standard layout. Every newcomer was prescribed the same diet regardless of their needs, but as soon as she arrived she took it upon herself. From that moment on, she prepared my programs carefully, both face to face and due to the intensity, via mail. Whenever I had a question, she answered. Thanks to her professionalism and her diet programs, I lost 30 kilos. I recommend her to everyone. She is a very good dietician who does her job properly.

    Mert K. Student
  • Thanks to Sinem, I lost 11 kg in 8 weeks. With the contribution of sports and proper diet, I did not lose from muscle mass. I also recommend her services to people who do sports, to start doing or to those who lose weight only on diet. It is possible to see the satisfaction of her every clients, regardless of their age, from the changes in their faces and bodies. I wish Ms. Sinem to continue her success on jer job.

    Basak U.
  • Before I met Ms. Sinem, I had 20% fat mass With the lists prepared by Ms. Sinem with affordable products that are easily available, I lost my excess fat mass in a very short time. Sinem is a dietician who follows and calls her clients. When my change was noticed by my friends and friends, I recommended Ms. Sinem to them. I also strongly recommend you.

    Talip A.
  • About 1 month ago, I received Online Diet Consultancy Service from Sinem. I did the program with the utmost seriousness, I lost 15 kg and we reached our target weight before the date we talked :)

    Tuncay K.
  • She is a very successful dietitian in her job. Her professional knowledge is very good. When I wanted to lose weight, I had the opportunity to get to know her thanks to my wife. Thanks to her, I lost 8 kg in 2 months. I got a whole new eating habit. She constantly guided me on what to eat as long as I was on diet. When I asked questions about how to balance that day when I could not fit into my diet during the day, she helped me to follow my diet by providing instant feedback. I thank her for these reasons and wish her success in his profession.

    Erdal K.
  • When you work one-on-one with Ms. Sinem, you can get your ideal body weight and change your eating habits with the diet that she writes. I highly recommend her because she is a wonderful person as well as very knowledgeable in her field.

    Mert C.
  • Sinem Hanım provides dietician services in sports nutrition. Frankly, I was very satisfied with the service I received, the professional and competent answers she gave to all the questions I had in mind really show that she is an expert in her business. Thanks to the diet I applied in a short time, there was a significant decrease in my fat ratio. If I need to evaluate her professionally, I can say that its difference from the dieticians I have received service from before is always accessible, being smiling and having different advice on "well-known mistakes". Her style of working away from the stereotypes made me recommend her to other friends in my company. In short, I am very lucky to meet her, I hope you will have such an opportunity to meet her too.

    Burkay L.
  • First of all, I would like to thank Sinem Türkmen for her interest and time in me. I work online with Ms. Sinem; I started losing weight shortly after we started working. I had gained 7 kilos in the last 3 years, and no matter what I tried I could not lose weight. After starting to consult from Sinem, I lost 5 kilos and i had energy to do sports without being hungry. Since she was in constant contact with me, whenever i couldnt follow the diet, I returned to the diet in a short time with practical advices from her. Her support during Covid-19 pandemic has been very important to me. I definitely recommend it to everyone because of her smiling face, being available at all times, scientific advice and easy-to-make diets. Fabulous, delicious and practical food / snack recipes are also a bonus!

    Elif O.
  • Working with Sinem was very satisfying, and I would highly recommend her professional dietician service! I was never hungry or felt depressed during the whole diet period, which was positively surprising to me. She taught me things about food, ingredients and water retention in the body I didn't know and made me curious about eating (and drinking!) habits in general. Her weekly measurements and face-to-face meetings on the internet helped me, because I had the feeling of a helping and supporting hand. So, in less than a month I had reached my goal (-5 kg). I'm more than happy to have my new / pre-pregnancy body back and I'm deeply thankful for her professional help! Her personality is friendly, understanding and trustworthy that it was very uncomplicated to ask her anything at anytime.

    Aylin Y.
  • I started with Sinem in May/2020 with a goal of losing 10 kg. Lockdown baking and consistent eating at home was starting to get too much and I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I found Sinem's advice and eating plan sensible and balanced. I was never hungry and felt I was also able to eat most of the things I desired on a wekkly basis. Sinem was really good in working with what you wanted to eat and fitting it into your weekly eating plan. After 4 months, with weekly exercise, I met my goal and felt fantastic. Sinem then helped in providing me with a maintenance plan which is helping me manage my portions and food groups. Whether it's 5-10 or 20 kg, I highly recommend Sinem to help you get there!

    DANIELA C. Teacher
  • Hello, Sinem entered my life with the Pandemic, I first started not believing in myself. But with the right guidance, she always increased my belief in myself by motivating. I lost 14 kilos in total and I feel great. Short time left to reach my ideal weight. I will reach the weight I want as soon as possible by following my diet list and the wonderful recipes it gives. Sinem is an excellent dietician, I can communicate via Whatsap at any time. Thank you so much for being more of a friend than a dietician :)

    GIZEM Y. Banker
  • Sinem is my friend for 6 years. During this process, I personally witnessed how Sinem improved herself and her profession. After her graduation, I became her client without hesitation. I can say that I saw a serious change in myself in the 1-1.5 month period. Not only did I lose weight, I became a healthy person. The nice comments I received from all around made me happy. I always felt the support of Sinem when my motivation fell. I sincerely say that my friend is really good and disciplined in her profession. I think you will agree with me when you meet her.

    Burcu E.
  • I met Ms. Sinem at the gym where she worked. I reached my in a short time by working with her. When I first started the diet, she learned how I was eating and gave a list accordingly to my lifestyle. Therefore, the diet process was very comfortable. Her advice son sports nutrition helped me a lot in reducing my body fat rate. During this process, she answered all the questions I asked her patiently and sincerely. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for an expert in diet and especially in sports nutrition.

    Kerem B.
  • Our first meeting was at the dietitian clinic. She helped me a lot in losing weight. I had an irregular diet, we settled it in order. I can say that my quality of life has improved. She can also decide which diet is best for you and offer different options. She is so professional, open minded, friendly. She cares about her clients. She called me constantly, and when I had a question about diet, I could get an immediate response from her.

    Fatih A.
  • They say that a beautiful face is beautiful in the heart. Sinem is Just like that. I met her by my daughter's advice. I liked her very much in my first phone meeting. I started a diet by eating whatever I wanted. I thought how to lose weight by eating so much from the beginning. But I lost 9 kilos in a short time like 2 months. I think this is Sinem's success. In the meantime, she is a person who listens to all kinds of your health problems, who is looking for a solution and who is very happy with you when you are healed.

    Zuhal O. Housewife