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Registered Dietitian, MSc
  • Hello there!

    I am Sinem, I am here to share my knowledge about nutrition with you. I want to tell you a little about myself so that you can get to know me better.

    I had decided that I wanted to be a dietician when I was just starting high school and I always worked for it. I am very happy that I can do what I love.

    In order to improve myself in my profession, I have received many trainings and worked in different institutions since 2012. To summarize a few of them;

    During my undergraduate education, I had internship experiences in clinics, polyclinic, kitchen and community nutrition at institutions such as French Lape Hospital, Yedikule Chest Diseases and Chest Surgery Training and Research Hospital, Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, Q Food & Beverage and Mamabus Catering.

    In 2017, I graduated from Yeni Yuzyil University with an honors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with the education I received from professors who have completed their expertise in Harvard and Cornell Universities.

    I received language training in New York in 2014. In 2016, I volunteered for a child welfare institution in Brazil in the Sports Education Project.

    I successfully completed my master's degree in Acıbadem University by doing studies in the field of sports nutrition and I earned the title of Expert Dietician by preparing my thesis on "Determining the relationship between caffeine intake, sleep quality and nutritional status in infrastructure players".

    In addition, I have provided nutritional counseling to many athletes and individuals as a dietician at institutions such as BOB GYM Personal Coaching, Nutrition Istanbul. Since 2021, I have been continuing my professional life at Memorial Şişli Hospital with a face-to-face & online consultancy system.

    The purpose of paying attention to our diet is not just about gaining and losing weight. Nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting our integrity of existence. Therefore, it is one of my biggest goals to enable my clients to learn how to eat healthy and discover what is best for them without sticking to a single diet.

    If you want to work with me, you can send an e-mail to

    N. Sinem Turkmen, RD, M.Sc.